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Education near Zip Code 94598 Minimize SchoolsEducation Section
College Degree - 2 year7.0%7.0%8.0%8.0%The percentage of the area’s population over the age of 25 with an Associate Degree or other 2-year college degree.
College Degree - 4 year35.0%36.0%26.0%19.0%The percentage of the area’s population over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree or other 4-year college degree.

High Schools near Zip Code 94598 Minimize highschoolsonly Section
SchoolSCHLNAMEGradesGradeHIStudentsP/T RatioZipcodeSchlTypeSCHLNAMEORDERschllevelColumn1
00054180Northgate High School0912155018945981Northgate High SchoolH 5
5700107455Contra Costa School Of Performing Arts061245015945981Contra Costa School Of Performing ArtsH 5
5700100200Clayton Valley Charter High School0912220030945211Clayton Valley Charter High SchoolH 5
5700053403Las Lomas High School0912159718945961Las Lomas High SchoolH 5
00054477Ygnacio Valley High School0912113416945181Ygnacio Valley High SchoolH 5
00053980Concord High School0912109516945211Concord High SchoolH 5
(* = alternative school)

Middle Schools near Zip Code 94598 Minimize middleschoolsonly Section
SchoolSCHLNAMEGradesGradeHIStudentsP/T RatioZipcodeSchlTypeSCHLNAMEORDERschllevelColumn1
00054049Foothill Middle School06089090945981Foothill Middle SchoolM 5
00054013El Dorado Middle School060888022945211El Dorado Middle SchoolM 5
00054192Oak Grove Middle School060878019945181Oak Grove Middle SchoolM 5
00055483Stone Valley Middle School060860015945071Stone Valley Middle SchoolM 5
00054245Pine Hollow Middle School060857021945211Pine Hollow Middle SchoolM 5

Elementary Schools near Zip Code 94598 Minimize elementaryschoolsonly Section
SchoolSCHLNAMEGradesGradeHIStudentsP/T RatioZipcodeSchlTypeSCHLNAMEORDERschllevelColumn1
00053916Bancroft Elementary SchoolKG0565025945981Bancroft Elementary SchoolE 5
00054403Walnut Acres Elementary SchoolKG0563725945981Walnut Acres Elementary SchoolE 5
00054386Valle Verde Elementary SchoolKG0546026945981Valle Verde Elementary SchoolE 5
00055548Indian Valley Elementary SchoolPK0535023945981Indian Valley Elementary SchoolE 5
04948181Eagle Peak Montessori School010830010945981Eagle Peak Montessori SchoolE 5
5700052459Highlands Elementary SchoolPK0554019945211Highlands Elementary SchoolE 5
00054336Silverwood Elementary SchoolPK0550020945211Silverwood Elementary SchoolE 5
00055469Rancho Romero Elementary SchoolKG0550025945071Rancho Romero Elementary SchoolE 5
5700047081Parkmead Elementary SchoolPK0546023945961Parkmead Elementary SchoolE 5
00055603Walnut Heights Elementary SchoolKG0544022945961Walnut Heights Elementary SchoolE 5
00443050El Monte Elementary SchoolPK0543022945181El Monte Elementary SchoolE 5
00054465Ygnacio Valley Elementary SchoolKG0542110945181Ygnacio Valley Elementary SchoolE 5
00053904Ayers Elementary SchoolKG0541521945211Ayers Elementary SchoolE 5

Ungraded Schools near Zip Code 94598 Minimize ungradedschoolsonly Section
SchoolSCHLNAMEGradesGradeHIStudentsP/T RatioZipcodeSchlTypeSCHLNAMEORDERschllevelColumn1
5700099595Loma Vista Adult CenterUGUG20000945184Loma Vista Adult CenterU 5
5700107245Rocketship Futuro AcademyKG051240945211Rocketship Futuro AcademyU 5
5700070848Central County Special Education Programs SchoolKG121008945072Central County Special Education Programs SchoolU 5
04365814Summit High (continuation) School1112529945214Summit High (continuation) SchoolU 5
05275286Diablo Community Day School07122312945184Diablo Community Day SchoolU 5

Private Schools near Zip Code 94598 Minimize privateschools Section
SchoolSchlNameGradesGradeHIStudentsP/T RatioZipcodeSchlTypeSchlnameorder
00051346De La Salle High School0912102915945181De La Salle High School
00051310Carondelet High School091280015945181Carondelet High School
01425996Berean Christian High School091241415945981Berean Christian High School
5700106107Halstrom Academy - Walnut Creek0612300945961Halstrom Academy - Walnut Creek
5700072328Spectrum Center Valley Campus0112256945182Spectrum Center Valley Campus
5700071854Hope Academy For Dyslexics0108500945211Hope Academy For Dyslexics
01425843Tabernacle Christian, Inc. SchoolPK0853020945211Tabernacle Christian, Inc. School
5700073508Northcreek Academy & PreschoolPK0850510945981Northcreek Academy & Preschool
01426108Seven Hills, ThePK084089945981Seven Hills, The
00051396St. Francis Of AssisiPK0835019945181St. Francis Of Assisi
5700053913St. Mary Of The Immaculate Conception SchoolPK082988945961St. Mary Of The Immaculate Conception School
01834191King's Valley Christian SchoolPK0829014945211King's Valley Christian School
05218240Wood Rose AcademyPK0817910945181Wood Rose Academy
01426093Ygnacio Valley Christian SchoolPK086812945211Ygnacio Valley Christian School
5700072327Spectrum Center Schools - Valley Campus3 7 369945182Spectrum Center Schools - Valley Campus
5700105711Singing Stones SchoolPK0610010945961Singing Stones School
5700052230Concordia School, ThePK06460945181Concordia School, The

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